Finder* is a tool to help locate the best paying types of jobs in FSEconomy. Searches can be made within a radius area of any airport in the world. The results are tabulated and are completely sortable by ICAOs, Distance, Bearing, Pay, Type and Expiry. The data is then also shown in a Google Map underneath the table to aid flight planning by giving a visual indication of where jobs are going. Jobs can be searched leaving FROM an area or going TO an area.

Further still, all searches are cached on the server for a period of 24 hours. You have 'private' access to your own searches for two hours. After this time, your searches are placed into a combined list of all searches between 2 and 24 hours.

The service costs v$20,000 per 30 day period and accounts are not limited (at this time) in anyway. There is however a maximum concurrent search limit of 3. Your account can be 'topped up' at any time by sending the payment to the 'Finder Subscription' group in FSE. Payments are automatically processed every 10 minutes.

To gain access to the service you must first be a member of this website. Doing so is free and straight-forward. This will also give you access to our forums and other services.

*Finder was the name coined originally by Binkles.

Demonstration screenshots:-